SIXARMS – Airborne Radio Measurement Systems and Syndetic

Scott Leishmann

Syndetic has just completed another successful design project with SIXARMS, an innovative company that is using cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicle (i.e. drone) technologies to produce efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions within the broadcast, telecommunication and defence RF environments.

Ian Gair and Jason Scheiber from SIXARMS on display at the NABSHOW in Las Vegas Convention Centre this week.

Syndetic has designed a specialised antenna and receiver system for SIXARMS that enables them to measure all types of broadcast and telecommunication transmission systems. Their current measurement system (Franky), is a drone capable of measuring services within all broadcast bands (AM Radio, FM Radio, DVB-T/T2 and DAB+) as well as other telecommunication services found within the Medium Frequency (MF) – Ultra High Frequency (UHF) bands – 500 kHz – 6GHz.

The RF Measurement services SIXARMS offer include:

  • Antenna Proof of Performance Measurements including Horizontal and Vertical Radiation Pattern (HRP, VRP) Reconstitution which includes Effective Radiated Power (ERP) Verification.
  • Multiple Channel Power and Field Strength Measurements including SNR, MER, Pre and Post Viterbi BER, Constellation and Impulse Response.
  • Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Compliancy and Environmental EME Compliancy Measurements.
  • Receive Antenna Placement via live Signal Level Monitoring.