Syndetic and GroundProbe

Scott Leishmann

Syndetic has just supplied GroundProbe, leaders driving productivity and safety metrics at mine sites worldwide, another batch of HPAs (X-Band Solid State High Power Amplifier) for GroundProbe’s Broad Area Monitoring (SSR-FX, SSR-FM).

GroundProbe’s Broad Area Monitoring (SSR-FX, SSR-FM)

GroundProbe’s broad area radar, SSR-FX, is best suited to help detect “hot spots” of movement activity even in areas that are not critical to current mine operations, over long periods of time. SSR-FX does this best by monitoring a thin vertical stripe on the wall that is rotated left-to-right—like a fan—and does not have to move up-and-down—like a spotlight. This saves a lot of time as the SSR-FX can scan 180 degrees in less than two minutes. Saving time delivers better data quality over a large area.