Syndetic and MIPAC

Scott Leishmann

Syndetic is proud of its association with MIPAC, MIPAC provides engineering services and solutions in electrical & instrumentation, automation, process control, operational technology, data management and process optimisation. MIPAC have worked extensively in industries that rely on complex and efficient process control, including oil and gas, energy, water & waste water, minerals processing, chemicals & manufacturing.

Cellview wireless sensors on copper plates in tanks

CellView® improves your productivity, reduces maintenance costs and simplifies operations.

The efficient operation of an electrolytic refining process depends on constant monitoring of critical parameters throughout the refining cycle.

To operate with best practices on a global scale, a Cell Voltage Monitoring System is an essential tool for refineries. It provides a key performance indicator for entire operation and, by detecting short circuits and monitoring the overall health of a cell, it makes a refining or electrowinning operation realise its full potential.

Cellview Monitoring Boxes and sensors on bench ready for Installation.

Syndetic has been working with MIPAC to design various components to the MIPAC product line up, Syndetic is a privately owned company based in Brisbane Australia. Founded in 1999 we specialise in the Design, Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing of Microwave, Radio Frequency & general High Reliability Modules & Sub systems.

Our modules are used in harsh and mission critical environments including Underground Coal Mines, Search & Rescue, and Large Satellite Earth Stations.  Our equipment forms an integral part of Control Systems, Radars and Communications Systems.

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