Nutridose System

Frank Thomson

The Nutridose system is used to dose cattle with a supplement to aid digestion of dry grass in arid areas.  Syndetic designed and manufacture the pump controller and some peripherals initially for Pastoral and Feedlot Systems and more recently for Direct Injection Technologies

How it works

The 0121 controller measures the water flowing to the drinking trough and controls the pump to inject the specified amount of supplement.

Nutridose Block Diagram
Nutridose Block Diagram

Our Nutridose controller incorporates a number of safety features.  The Nutrient volume meter measures the actual amount dosed and the controller adjusts to compensate for changes in back pressure.  The conductivity probe measures the conductivity of the resultant mixture.  This can adjust for or shut down the system in the event of an overdose.


Remote Monitoring

The Nutridose unit can be monitored over the internet.  The monitoring system includes a GPS so you can see the location of the unit.  Very handy for mobile units or where you have multiple units.  data from the unit is transmitted to the server where it is viewed on a web page.  The user can see relevant information and switch the unit on and off.  In the event of a malfunction, the system will send a text message and email to the user.

Nutridose system installed on a skid with tank
Nutridose on skid


Nutridose Graph
Nutridose Graph

Google Earth view showing locations